Bobbie Russon

‘This body of work explores the theme of loneliness. Being alone can be positive, a time for reflection and self-discovery; to be still and to notice the little things that might pass us by in the hubbub of life. Involuntary solitude may however cause isolation and alienation. Our thoughts can take us to dark places. We crave company and conversation, and the stillness and quiet of being alone can become deafening. We are, after all, inherently social beings.

From a young age I think we are acutely aware of the need for companionship. When that is missing we can be quite resourceful in seeking it out by other means. At bed time when a child finds themselves alone within the darkened space of their room they will often turn to something for comfort – a favourite bear, doll or other object that they hold dear. They can imbue the object (for even a child secretly knows that it is inanimate) with personality and character, offering solace amidst their perceived aloneness.

Convention tells us that as we grow older we no longer need this kind of reassurance, but of course as adults we don’t stop needing company and interaction.  We may well find ourselves alone more frequently, often not through choice. So different tools help us through the feelings of isolation. Some turn to religion, for others it might be the company of radio and television or music and books. We might turn to nature as our quiet companion- plants that we nurture, birds that we feed and of course pets that we own.

This collection is a visual exploration of the feeling of being alone and our human need for social interaction, and our resourcefulness in inventing our own company when it cannot be found elsewhere.’

-Bobbie Russon May 2023