Since the last missive the trees have turned autumnal:

And this morning we have had our first frost:

These cold clear mornings in Bath are beautiful.
Further North, in the less temperate Shetland Islands, artist Ruth Brownlee is someone who appreciates the unequivocal nature of weather, bearing out the words of Joseph Conrad- I have known the sea too long to believe in its respect for decency.
An elemental force is ruthlessly frank.

13 November to 23 December

Ruth recounted to me yesterday how she was going out in an early evening gale for inspiration. It is as Rilke says, When anxious, uneasy and bad thoughts come, I go to the sea, and the sea drowns them out with its great wide sounds, cleanses me with its noise, and imposes a rhythm upon everything in me that is bewildered and confused.

The winter show also includes a much more domesticated, spoon-orientated collection of still lifes by Rachel Ross, whose distorted self-portrait is often picked up in the cutlery’s reflection:

13 November to 23 December

Also on show we will have, for the first-time, a collection of ceramics by Austrian-born Katharina Klug:

13 November to 23 December

We are open 10-5 Monday to Saturday and 11-4 on Sunday.
Please call or email to purchase.

And finally..

Nobody – not even Captain MacWhirr, who alone on deck had caught sight of a white line of foam coming on at such a height that he couldn’t believe his eyes – nobody was to know the steepness of that sea and the awful depth of the hollow the hurricane had scooped out behind the running wall of water. It raced to meet the ship, and, with a pause, as of girding the loins, the Nan-Shan lifted her bows and leaped.
The flames in all the lamps sank, darkening the engine-room. One went out. With a tearing crash and a swirling, raving tumult, tons of water fell upon the deck, as though the ship had darted under the foot of a cataract.
Down there they looked at each other, stunned.
“Swept from end to end by God!” bawled Jukes.
She dipped down into the hollow straight down, as if going over the edge of the world.
-Joseph Conrad ‘Typhoon’

Thank you for reading,

Aidan Quinn

Beaux Arts Bath