Our Beth Carter short film is now up and running on YouTube. Produced again by the redoubtable Michael and Oliver Pitts, the film is ten minutes long. Beth discusses minotaurs, masks, shape-shifting and the reconciliation of the forces of darkness and light.

Please have a perusal and let me know what you think. Beth’s show begins on Saturday 10 July and runs throughout July and August. The film can be found on our YouTube page and also on our Instagram TV.

Beth will be in attendance in the gallery on Saturday 10 July between 1 and 4 p.m.

We will also have a selection of landscape paintings from around the island of Britain for our show ‘North South East West’:

One of the highlights is this epic painting of Torlum Hill near the Scottish market town of Crieff:

The show features work by David Atkins, Philip Braham, Ruth Brownlee, Lewis Chamberlain, Andrew Crocker, Stewart Edmondson, Sarah Gillespie, Mark Payne, Carina Prigmore, Gill Rocca, Laurie Steen, David Tress.

Please click here, or on the image above to see images of work in the landscape exhibition.

Contact the gallery for further details, or if there are images, videos etc. we can provide to see any works in situ.

Best wishes,