On the wearing of sandals


A big thank you to all who came to the opening last Saturday evening. It was lovely to see all of you !!With the heat* reaching its zenith at the back end of last week I have been wearing sandals for my commute home, which includes a failry steep walk from the train station through a wood.This has taught me several lessons- first that walking on a slope in sandals is hazardous, secondly that merely shaking your foot in a comfortable sandal does not remove unwelcome ‘bits’.  Thirdly, neither does a sudden heavy rain shower enhance the sandal-wearing experience.   (*for those not in the UK, or from the north-west of Ireland, ‘heat’ is a relative concept. What counts in Donegal as ‘pure and utter torture’ may just mean you don’t need a jacket today.)But then at a gap in the trees you look out through the rain into the westren sky…..



What to do with this knowledge that our living is not guaranteed? Perhaps one day you touch the young branchof something beautiful. & it grows & growsdespite your birthdays & the death certificate,& it one day shades the heads of something beautifulor makes itself useful to the nest. Walk outof your house, then, believing in this.Nothing else matters. All above us is the touchingof strangers & parrots,some of them human,some of them not human. Listen to me. I am telling youa true thing. This is the only kingdom.The kingdom of touching;the touches of the disappearing, things.Elegy by Aracelis girmayIn the gallery Jack Doherty’s work continues to dazzle.  Jack is able to turn his hand to an amazing variety of forms, all coloured with his distinctive turquoise, charcoal and russet glazes, giving the impression at times of a bulbous land or sea-scape…

J13. (view 2) Folded Rim Carved Pod, Porcelain, 16 x 16 cm £580


Paintings on the wall include this lovely piece of work by Helen Simmonds

We Travel in Spring, Oil on Board 28 x 23 cm. £1,600


5One or two things are all you needto travel over the blue pond, over the deeproughage of the trees and through the stiffflowers of lightning — some deepmemory of pleasure, some cuttingknowledge of pain.6But to lift the hoof!For that you needan idea. 7For years and years I struggledjust to love my life. And thenthe butterflyrose, weightless, in the wind.“Don’t love your lifetoo much,” it said,and vanishedinto the world.from Mary Oliver One or Two things


The Claw, Oil On Aluminium 20 x 30 cm. £900


And finally…The story behind lobstersis that they weren’t thought of as cuisineuntil the nineteenth century. Before that they were considered peasant foodand most often served in prisons. The story behind diamondsis that they were just rocks until 1938when a marketing campaign forever linked them with love.The story behind us is that you said I won’t wait foreverand I didn’t really listen. The story behind art is that no one calls it a masterpiece until it has already been bought,until it is hanging on the wallin someone else’s home. The story behind usis that until I lost you I had no ideawhat you were worth.The Story behind Lobsters by Clementine von Radics


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